8-bell Competition Results

5 teams descended on Shoreham on Saturday 24th June to take part in the Association 8-bell striking competition.  The weather was pleasant – luckily not as hot as it had been during the previous week!

The draw was taken at 9.45am once the judge, Tom Lawrance from London, had been settled in a good spot in the churchyard. The test piece was a plain course of Yorkshire Surprise Major, and the results are were as follows:

Position District Rang Percentage Score Comments
1st Lewisham 2nd 72% Settled very quickly, good leading and very good 4-bell runs (8765s, 5678s).  Peal speed: 3h 7m.
2nd Maidstone 4th 67% Had the makings of a good performance but didn’t quite achieve it.  A mistake at the 5th lead end, but good finish.  Peal speed: 3h 9m.
3rd Tonbridge 5th 65% A bit rushed, but consistent all the way through.  Peal speed not noted by judge.
4th Canterbury 3rd 63% Very few rounds at the start which hadn’t settled, mixed performance overall.  Notable trouble for 5th, but good finish.  Peal speed: 2h 41m
5th Rochester 1st 59% Rushed handstroke leads, not bad ringing but never really settled.  Peal speed: 3h 7m.

Congratulations to the Lewisham District who took back the trophy from last year’s winners Canterbury.  Also many thanks to Nick Wilkins & Philippa Rooke for organising the event on behalf of the Lewisham District, Shoreham for allowing the use of the bells & church, and Tom Lawrance for agreeing to judge for us.  Photos of the teams and winners are below.