Ashford District Officers

The Ashford the District officers for 2016/17

  • Chairman: Peter Sims (email)
  • Deputy chairman: Richard Bourne (email)
  • Secretary: Pam Manger (email)
  • Assistant Secretary: Maureen Poole (email)
  • Treasurer: Donald Holden
  • Ringing Masters: VACANT
  • District Reps: Richard Bourne (email) and Pam Manger (email)
  • Junior Representative: VACANT
  • Newsletter editors: Peter Sims (email) and Sheila Phyall
  • District bookstall: Daniel Lavender
  • Tea committee co-ordinator: Mary Marshall
  • Clothing sales: David Gower
  • Training officers: VACANT
  • Press: Claire Walker (email)
  • John Castell Library holder: Lydd tower