6-bell Striking Competition – Lamberhurst (6)

06-05-2017 09:45 - 06-05-2017 13:00

Rules for the Competition are below:

KCACR Tonbridge District Striking Contest Rules

[As originally adopted at District Committee Meeting on 4 January 1988 and last amended on 12 April 2010]


1  Teams wishing to participate should advise the District Secretary in advance or, if this is not possible, the Contest Organiser (normally the District Ringing Master) on the day as soon as possible and, in any event, before the Draw is made for the order in which the teams will ring.

Each team shall be made up of six ringers who ring regularly at towers in the Tonbridge District.

3  Teams should normally be made up of regular Sunday service ringers at the towers for which they are competing.  However, composite teams may be formed, but these should not normally contain ringers from more than two towers in the District.  Otherwise, ‘scratch’ teams may be allowed to enter on the day at the discretion of the Contest Organiser, subject to being included in the Draw at the start of the contest.

4  A call change team may not contain more than three ringers who are ringing in a method band.

5  The same team of ringers may not enter the competition as a team more than once.

Ringers wishing to participate, who have not been included within a pre-arranged team, should speak to the Contest Organiser in advance of the competition ringing. Names of such ringers may then be drawn randomly to form competing teams.

 Test piece

7  Two minutes’ trial ringing shall be allowed prior to each team’s test piece. This may take any form chosen by the team, and will not be judged.

8  After the trial ringing and before the test piece a single bell shall be rung for one or two whole pulls to indicate to the judges that the test piece is about to commence.

9  The test piece itself shall consist of:

  1. a) Method Ringing: 240 changes of Doubles or Minor

 or      b) Call Changes: 120 rows of call changes. A call change piece must include at least 10 calls, which should be reasonably evenly distributed throughout the piece.  The first 120 rows after leaving rounds will be judged.  The steward will tell the band when 120 changes have been completed.  At least three people must lead.

  • Judging

10  Up to 20 whole pulls of rounds at the beginning of each piece will not be judged. However, any preliminary rounds in excess of the 20 whole pulls will be judged, as will any rounds at the end.

11  For Method teams, any changes rung in excess of those specified in (9a) will be judged and will thus render the team liable to more faults.

12  In the event of the bells not coming into rounds at the end of a Method piece, or of a test piece not reaching the required number of changes for either a Method piece or a Call Change piece, the team shall be disqualified.

13 Any other issues not covered above shall be dealt with according to the discretion of the Judges and/or the Contest Organiser.  The Judges’ decision shall be final.

  • County Striking Contest

 The Method team ringing Doubles or Minor with the fewest faults will normally be invited to represent the Tonbridge District in the Kent County 6-bell Striking Contest. Note, however, that the County rules state that all participants must be:

  1. a) members of the KCACR;
  2. b) regular Sunday service ringers at the tower that they are representing.