Moving On Training Day – 17 June 2017

Moving On Training Day – 17th June 2017

Tonbridge district training days are usually focused on basic ringing skills or simple methods. This special training day focuses on topics not usually covered and which may not be easily available to many ringers.

Two topics will be on offer as follows:

Step up to changes on 10 bells


  • Individuals who can plain hunt competently on 7 or 8 bells and who would like to develop ropesight on 9 or 10. These individuals are likely to have already plain hunted the treble to a quarter peal of triples or major.


  • Ringers who can competently ring a triples or major method inside and wish to extend their skills to caters and possibly royal. These individuals are likely to have rung at least a quarter peal of triples on an inside bell.


  • To extend existing skills on 7 or 8 bells up to 9 or 10

Move on to Stedman


  • Individuals who can confidently ring Ggrandsire doubles or triples and are looking to move on to Stedman.


  • Ringers who are already looking at Stedman but struggling to master it.

In either case students would be expected to have rung a quarter peal of (or containing) Grandsire doubles on an inside bell.


  • To master the work of a plain course of Stedman doubles. If appropriate we will move on to ringing singles.


Courses will be arranged subject to demand and availability of helpers.  Please assist by making requests for places as soon as possible, as last minute requests are unlikely to be met.

If you have questions about your suitability for either of these sessions please contact me.

Places should be requested from Mike Worthington at