Tonbridge District Training Day – 2 September

Quarterly Training Day – 2nd September 2017

As usual students may request training in any of our four “Standard” topics.  These are:-

  • Rounds and Call Changes
  • Plain Hunt/Ropesight
  • Plain Bob Doubles
  • Grandsire Doubles

Please remember to check the course requirements (Getting the most from your training day) on the district training page at  and get back to me if you have any queries or need help meeting the requirements


I am again hoping to include at least one session entitled

Treble Bob Hunting:


  • Individuals who can competently ring touches of Plain Bob and/or Grandsire inside and wish to practice treble bob hunting prior to moving on to treble bob or surprise methods or
  • Ringers who can plain hunt competently  and wish to begin learning to ring inside. For these ringers treble bob will form a skill building step, learning to dodge accurately in all positions before starting to learn methods. It would be expected that students had already rung a quarter peal plain hunting the treble.

Aim:    To learn to dodge and strike dodges accurately in all dodging positions on 6 bells

Courses will be arranged subject to demand and availability of helpers.  Please assist by making requests for places as soon as possible, as last minute requests are unlikely to be met.

Places should be requested from Mike Worthington at