Ashford District Events

Unless otherwise noted below, all events consist of ringing from 3.00pm to 4.15pm, with a service at 4.30pm.  The service is followed by tea (and a meeting where marked with *) and then evening ringing until 9.00pm.  Ringers of all standards (from rounds to Spliced Surprise) are very welcome and will happily be catered for.  If you are trying to learn a new method then this is an ideal opportunity to ring with an experienced band and to have someone “hovering behind” to guide you through if necessary.  Please tell one of the Ringing Masters what you would like to ring (they are not psychic — well not all the time!) and they will try to arrange something to suit you.

Note that at present we don’t have any Ringing Masters, so the Chairman will be nominating a “volunteer” to rung the ringing session by session.