"/> Ashford District 120 Club – Kent County Association of Change Ringers

In 2020 many of you purchased tickets for the Ashford District 120 Club but the draws were put on hold because of lockdown and ringing restrictions.  We will now be running these draws on a regular monthly basis until the end of 2021.  They will take place online at the beginning of the monthly ringing meetings.

The results of the draw will be published in the District update email and on the KCACR website and facebook. If you didn’t purchase tickets lin 2020 but would like to do so this year then contact Maureen by email for details.


The results of the 2021 draws to date are as shown below.

March – November Draws:  1st Prize = £30,  2nd Prize = £20,  3rd Prize = £10

December Draw: 1st Prize = £60,  2nd Prize = £30,  3rd Prize = £20

1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize
March 2021 Mary Marshall (no. 47) Helen Artlett (no. 51) Margaret Alflatt (no. 29)
April 2021 Lyla Wilkinson (no. 74) John Dawkins (no. 83) Bob Barnes (no. 65)
May 2021 Janet Jessop (no. 48) Mike Swan (no. 54) Rosemary Wilkin (no. 115)
June 2021 Simon Edwards (no. 43) Ken Abrey (no. 53) John Dawkins (no. 83)
July 2021 David Wilkinson (no. 35) Nessie Sims (no. 7) Clare Edwards (no. 31)
August 2021 Marcus Palmer (no. 14) Helen Steele (no. 82) Jamie Hillyer (no. 64)