Are you stuck?

If you (or a member of your band) are finding it difficult to progress your ringing, or you would just like more practice, then please contact me and we can discuss some options.

Attending District practices and visiting other towers is a good way to start. Maybe you just need some extra help at your own practices, or it could be that a separate practice or training session would help.

Get in touch and hopefully we can find the best approach for you.

Ray Taylor
Tonbridge District Training Coordinator
07973 123 323


Training Mornings

17 September, 10 December and 18 March 2023, all 9:30-13:00 Training Morning subjects can range from Rounds and Call Changes, Hunting/Ropesight to Bob Doubles, Bob Minor, Raising and Lowering in…

New Ringers – Bell Handling

At the moment, inevitably, many towers seem to have a shortage of ringers on Sundays.  I suspect there are many towers where no one feels quite confident/competent enough to teach…

Tonbridge District Training Officer

Apply to the Tonbridge District Training Officer, Mike Worthington, for a place on a specific course or for any training queries, email or phone 01892 547210.

District Training – Quarterly Training Days

District training Quarterly training days In the Tonbridge District, we offer quarterly “training days” that are available on a first come-first served basis. They take place on the first Saturdays…