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If you would like to buy a share (or shares) then you can download an application form here or contact me at or on 07973 123 323.

Click here to see the TD120 Club rules and conditions.

137 shares were sold in 2018, generating £742.93 for the BRF after deduction of prize money, lottery license fee and a small amount of postage. We had similar success in 2017. Sadly, the number of shares sold this year has dropped to 130, but that is still 10 more than the original target of 120. The club looks set to raise around £690 for the BRF this year. That’s still very respectable. A bonus prize is awarded each year if more than 120 shares are paid for before the first draw, which always takes place at the Tonbridge District ADM. Payment has been received for all 130 shares, so the bonus prize will be £45 this year (45% of the cost of the additional shares).

Very many thanks to those of you who have taken up shares over the last few years, and special thanks to those of you that have continued to support the club since it began.

Ray Taylor, Tonbridge District 120 Club Treasurer

(The results in italics are last year’s, for comparison):

Draw Winning Numbers Towers
2019-2020 Series
February 132, 91, 131 Speldhurst, Speldhurst, Westerham
January 107, 29, 138 Cranbrook, Chevening, Penshurst
December 5, 93, 2 Tonbridge, Brenchley, Speldhurst
November 56, 132, 14 Sevenoaks, Speldhurst, Chevening
October 108, 92, 132; Bonus 13 Brasted, Brasted, Speldhurst; Brasted
2018-2019 Series
July 43, 24, 56 Brenchley, Brenchley, Sevenoaks
June 28, 116, 110 Chevening, Sandhurst, Sandhurst
May 90, 75, 13 Brasted, Cowden, Brasted
April 124, 105, 139 Sevenoaks, Brenchley, Penshurst
March 71, 26, 67 Speldhurst, Brenchley, Sevenoaks
February 96, 108, 17 Sundridge, Brasted, Sandhurst
January 2019 59, 101, 124 Sevenoaks, Sundridge, Sevenoaks
December 36, 106, 85 Hadlow, Cranbrook, Leigh
November 34, 49, 12 Cowden, Kemsing, Speldhurst
October 16, 8, 130, Bonus 113