Following the untimely death of Margaret in February 2010 and knowing her continual willingness to help other people learn and progress their ringing, it has been decided to set up an Educational Fund in her memory.

The fund has been established to distribute grants where appropriate to further the development of ringers in the Lewisham District of the Kent County Association of Change Ringers (KCACR) through approved ringing courses. Grants will be awarded by the trustees no more than once a year and may cover whole or partial costs of the individual attending the course.

The specific aims of the fund are:

  • To provide grants to enable further instruction and education in the art and science of change ringing
  • The advancement of change ringing knowledge in the Lewisham District through approved ringing courses
  • To encourage the attainment of high standards of performance in all forms of change ringing.

Who can apply?

Applications can be made by any person for a full or partial bursary towards the cost of attending an approved ringing course in accordance with the criteria specified below.

Our criteria for applications

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a practising member of the Lewisham District of the KCACR and have fully paid the relevant subscription for the year in which the application is made
  • Be a regular Sunday service ringer at a tower within the Lewisham District of the KCACR

The application form asks for some basic information about the applicant and the reasons for applying to the fund. A supporting statement from a referee should also be provided. The referee should have a thorough knowledge of the applicant’s ringing career and will preferably be the applicant’s primary instructor, tower captain/ringing master, or the district training officer. If it is not possible for any of these individuals to act as referee, another experienced ringer from within the district should provide the supporting statement. The referee’s statement should outline:

The current level of skill the applicant has attained in change ringing, and whether this is on tower or hand bells.
How previous tuition away from usual practice night lessons (for example on training courses or especially arranged quarter peals) has assisted in the applicant’s progress.
How the proposed ringing course will benefit the applicant.
Applications will be invited in October for ringing courses taking place in the following calendar year to allow applicants to apply for courses with funding secured. The grant(s) awarded each year will be paid once confirmation of a place on the chosen course has been received. If the applicant selected for a grant is not successful in obtaining a place on their chosen course, the trustees may decide to allow the chosen applicant to use the grant for a different ringing course, redeploy the money to an alternative applicant, or keep the grant for use in subsequent years.


The trustees will meet to discuss applications and make grants to one or more applicant as and when they see fit. Any award of grant is at the trustees’ absolute discretion.

Follow up

Within three months of attending the ringing course, successful applicants must provide the trustees with a brief report on how the fund has helped their progress in change ringing. The follow up information will be made available to any person requesting it as evidence on how the fund is meeting its objectives. With the applicant’s permission, the report may also be used to publicise the fund’s presence, aims and objectives, and fundraising activities.

Contact Details

Please email the following address if your have any other queries:


Please click on the links below for further information and the application form:

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