Display Panels

The Association has a set of 4 display panels that can be used at events to promote the Association and change ringing in general.  They are currently held by Caroline Stockmann, so if you would like to borrow them please get in touch with her.  The content of the panels is shown in the pictures below, and you can also download a PDF to look at them more closely.

Video Equipment

The Association has also recently purchased some wireless camera equipment with a screen to allow towers to show the bells and/or ringers in the church where they wouldn’t normally be visible.

So far this has been successfully used at 3 events – at Boxley, Cheriton and most recently at Goudhurst.  It won’t work in all situations as there is a need for a mobile phone signal to get the wireless cameras going (not needed once they are up & running) but should be suitable for most locations.  If you would like to borrow it, please contact Doug Davis on .