KCACR maintains three insurance policies covering different areas of its activities as follows:-

  • Ecclesiastical Charity and Community Policy provides cover to the volunteers (members) who administer the Association’s activities, including those who work on the Bell Restoration team. The Association’s activities in the policy are described as undertaking instruction in bell ringing, ringing bells, maintenance work on bell installations, competing in ringing competitions, participation in ringing tours, fund raising and social events including attendance at trade shows, exhibitions and seminars, collection and delivery of Association assets.
  • Ansvar Policy covers the Association’s Schedule of Assets (full details available from the Secretary) but mainly a list of equipment used by the Bell Restoration team and some items recommended for cover by the General Committee.
  • AmTrust Underwriting provides Group Personal Accident Insurance for any officer, member or pupil of the insured for bodily injury on a 24-hour basis worldwide.

If any member wishes to read any of the policy documents for themselves, please contact the General Secretary.