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The Association Inter-District 8-bell striking contest was held on June 30th at Aylesford. Those present were treated to a wonderful sunny day, copious refreshments and some excellent ringing from all six bands. The judges were Dr Andrew Kelso and David Hengeli of the Essex Association who had the task of judging our attempts to ring 211 Erin Triples without hesitation, repetition or deviation from the blue line!

Lewisham were drawn first and set a good benchmark for others to follow. They were followed by Ashford, Tonbridge, Rochester, Canterbury with the Maidstone District, who were the hosts, ringing last. There was quite a variation in approaches to the ringing, certainly in terms of speed. Unfortunately the Canterbury District band fired out the first attempt at the touch but they then gathered themselves together to deliver a creditable piece of ringing, although the faults from their false start cost them a place.

The results and judges comments were as follows:

Place Rang District Time Faults
1st 4th Rochester 7m50s 32
Deliberate, consistent ringing with a high proportion of clean rows.  Nice to listen to.  Little trips followed by long spells of good ringing.
2nd 6th Maidstone 7m15s 34
Struggled rather in the practice piece but settled down quickly to an excellent pace in test piece.
3rd 2nd Ashford 7m17s 35
Some inconsistent leading but this was confident ringing with ringers working well together.  Any faults were not propagated.  The ringing showed a strong sense of purpose.
4th 1st Lewisham 7m45 52
Some hesitations that propagated through the change, but generally fairly steady after a strong start.  Good and consistent tenor.
5th 5th Canterbury 7m5s 65
Unlucky in that a restart was necessary but this cost the band only one place.  The band recovered incredibly well during the second piece.
6th 3rd Tonbridge 7m8s 81
The practice period had lots of starts and stops and made concentration on developing a consistent rhythm and speed difficult.  Nonetheless the test piece settled well with quick recovery from any method errors.

So congratulations to all teams, but especially to the Rochester District who were worthy winners. Many thanks to Andrew and David for judging so expertly and also to the Aylesford band for their excellent arrangements.

To those who weren’t able to be there, you missed a marvellous morning out with some excellent ringing of which the Association can be proud.

Phil Barnes
Chairman, KCACR

Band photographs (names each given L-R)