Read more" >"/> District Striking Competitions – Saturday 10 March – Ightam – Results – Kent County Association of Change Ringers

Thank you to everyone that took part and that is the most important part – having a go – big gains are made in small steps.  Even Liz and Dan where once beginners.

Judges: Daniel Jarvis, Hadlow; Catherine Heathcote, Lamberhurst (Tonbridge District)  Thank you so much for your time, patience and support.
Call change competition
1st  Staplehurst A,  92{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6}  (Rang 4th)
2nd Maidstone All Saints,88{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6} (Rang 3rd)*
3rd Aylesford, 85.5{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6} (Rang 2nd)
4th Staplehurst B, 85{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6} (Rang 1st)
5th Wrotham, 82{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6} (Rang 5th)
Striking competition
1st Aylesford, 93.5{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6} (Rang 2nd)
2nd Staplehurst, 93{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6} (Rang 1st)
3rd Wrotham, 70{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6} (Rang 3rd)
Once again a very close result with only 0.5{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6} between first and second place.
2018 saw a reversal of last year’s result, with Aylesford over Staplehurst.
The shield for the highest place band with the greatest number of ringers who had not previously rung in a competition (= Newcomers) went to Maidstone, All Saints.  In actual fact each team had one member who had not previously rung in a competition.