"/> Highlights from the General Committee Meeting – Kent County Association of Change Ringers

Highlights from the General Committee meeting held on 28th April are as follows:

  • The Stockbury project grant can be administered once paperwork from those involved in the project submit paperwork.
  • There is to be discussion between those involved in the Youth Striking Competition and David Cawley as to a suitable trophy which comes within budget.
  • There have been changes in the number of people on the committee which means the quorum size needs to be reduced from the current 8.
  • District reps need to report back how many members require a hard copy of the handbook. When we know how much money will be needed to print them, we can determine whether the peal fee should increase or not.
  • Doug has volunteered to produce the handbook this year as there is still a vacancy for the handbook editor post.
  • Job descriptions are to be drawn up for officer positions detailing the ‘jobs’ which need to be done to which Districts can add their own requirements. It is important that Association officers know who to contact at District level for information.
  • Membership lists are currently on individual databases in each district. Data needs to be kept on a central database in order to comply with GDPR regulations. A nominated person in each district needs to update their membership list /data with consent given to hold data.
  • Our membership fee needs to cover the cost of the handbooks, training courses, the Central Council fee and bell restoration. The current fee is not sufficient in the long term to cover these costs. There will be an explanatory note coming but Districts should have discussion at meetings to raise awareness of what the fee is spent on and the possibility of raising it in the future.
  • The Central Council is undergoing many structural changes. Emails and publicity in the Ringing World detail the changes. Discussion at District meetings would be useful.
  • Phil Barnes would like to have a discussion with District Ringing Masters and Chairman about training needs in their areas. A good target would be to have one ringer per rope across Kent. Targeted practices with towers joining together to support each other would help. We should value and welcome people with more experience than ourselves who come along to help.
  • The young ringers in Kent have been having fun ringing together. It would be good to see them take part in events such as the Farningham Trophy or the 6-bell competition.
  • There is no more progress on finding a secure place to store the mobile ring. The bells are at Taylors at the moment. The bells can be used for weddings, fetes and training events.
  • A new complaints procedure has been adopted and will be published shortly.
  • ‘Ringing Remembers’ and ‘Battles Over’ are two initiatives being promoted to showcase ringing on Remembrance Sunday at 7pm. Tower captains could liaise directly with their incumbents to arrange this. Please discuss at District meetings. Information will be sent out.
  • County 8-bell – 30th June 2018 – Maidstone District (Aylesford), 9.45am draw, Erin Triples
  • County 6-bell – 22nd September 2018 – Upchurch, 9.45am
  • Youth – 3rd November 2018 – Ashford District (Venue TBC), 1.45pm
  • Would people be interested in regular Association wide 10 bell practices, maybe mid- week?
  • Having an Association wide calendar with the website being used as a portal for each District to have its own pages would be a clear way forward to accessing and storing information easily.

Cathy Cheeseman
Assistant General Secretary