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Tonbridge District 6-bell Striking Contest 12 May at Sandhurst.

Thank you so much to those teams who entered our District Striking Contest at Sandhurst last Saturday. The Method Trophy was won by Hadlow with just 9 faults;

Tonbridge were second with 31.5 faults

Cowden 3rd with 41 faults.

Congratulations to Hadlow who go forward to represent the Tonbridge District in the KCACR Inter District Contest in September. Their piece was described as confident with a consistent pace and leading and a good rhythm with a steady tenor.

The Call Change Trophy was won by Tonbridge with 9.5 faults. The Judge commended their performance as being the nicest piece of ringing of the day.

Edenbridge had 47 faults. We were delighted that they entered the contest this year.

Many thanks to Mark Chittenden-Pile for judging our contest this year and to the Sandhurst ringers for providing refreshments throughout the morning.


Judges’ comments:

Tonbridge Method Band (31.5 faults)

  • A good steady pace
  • An unfortunate method mistake halfway through
  • Some gaps caused by some bells holding up
  • Leading was generally consistent
  • Improved in second half
  • Generally good and pleasant to listen to, but just needed a little bit of tidying up here and there to make it really good.

Cowden Method Band (41 faults)

  • Quicker pace; sounded ‘lively’.
  • Good tenor
  • Some rushed leads
  • Generally needed tidying up here and there

Hadlow Method Band (9 faults)

  • Good consistent pace throughout
  • Nice steady rhythm maintained
  • Even leading throughout
  • Very steady tenor
  • Very nice to listen to
  • Confident ringing

Tonbridge Call Change Band (9.5 faults)

  • Very nice to listen to
  • Steady with a good beat and rhythm
  • Occasional rushed lead
  • Overall very good

Edenbridge Call Change Band (47.5 faults)

  • A very good effort
  • Took a few tries to ‘get going’
  • Did very well to complete the piece
  • Well done for entering and managing to complete the piece!