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  1. Ringing Room

David Robinson, District Ringing Master, will be running another Ringing Room session from 10.30am on Saturday, 15th May, for anyone who would like to join the session.

The Zoom link for this has been emailed, let David know if you need the link.

If you intend to attend the session it would be useful for David if you could let him know by email 

  1. 120 Club Draw

The May draw will be held at the beginning of the Ringing Room session on May 15th.  The results will be posted on the KCACR website District page and the District Facebook page.

3. Handbell competition

Ben Legg, the Canterbury District Ringing Master, is organising a handbell striking competition which is open to any member of the Association:

“It has been suggested that the Canterbury District could organise a friendly informal handbell striking competition – this would be for change ringing on handbells. I am getting in touch to see how many people would potentially be interested in participating in such an event. It would probably be organised for an outside location in the summer, and probably for six or eight bells (or both) per team, although if there is great demand for ringing on other numbers, it’s possible that that could also be included. There wouldn’t be any eligibility requirements as there are for the normal district or county tower bell striking competitions, so would be open to any teams who want to enter. It would also be open to the whole Association, not just the Canterbury District, and teams would not have to be all from the same district either. Please get in touch with me if you might be interested in participating. Potential team line-ups would be good naturally, but I’m sure that we could put lone ringers in contact with others in the same position. The final form of the contest is dependent on replies naturally, so do please get in touch”

  1. 2021 Westley Award

Just a reminder about the 2021 Westley award for church bell maintenance and improvement.

Full details can be found here:

and the closing date is 30 May.

best wishes

Mrs Mary Bone


Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

  1. Duke of Edinburgh Certificate Design

The General Committee is looking to provide all towers that tolled or rung for the passing of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh with a certificate marking the event.

We would like to ask our members or others who may be budding artists to submit an idea for a design of a suitable certificate, and the Committee can then select the most appropriate and arrange for printing & distribution.  Designs should be suitable to mark this type of event i.e. dignified and respectful.

If you or someone you know would like to contribute a design, please send it to the General Secretary no later than 30th June for consideration at the July General Committee meeting.

  1. Tolling for the Duke of Edinburgh

For any towers in the Ashford District – a reminder for Tower Secretaries/Contacts to send details of any tolling that took place for the Duke of Edinburgh at your tower to our Ashford District Chairman, Charles Sinden ().