Read more…"/> Ashford District Update September 2020 – Ashford District Meeting 17th October and Potential meeting on 19th September in Ringing Room – Kent County Association of Change Ringers

There has been little ringing activity since March.  However, there are two events which the Ashford District Secretary would like to bring to your attention.

The first is the District Annual District meeting which is scheduled to take place on Saturday 17th October at 10.30am.  Obviously, we will not be able to hold this meeting at a venue and invite you all to attend because of the social distancing rules but we do need to hold this meeting in some form as at the minimum we need to elect a District Secretary and a District Representative for 2021.  We can either set up a Zoom meeting for those of you with the technology available or we can do the business via email. Initially we would like to look at the possibility of using Zoom so if you are able/willing to do it this way please let Maureen know by email ( ) by Friday 25th September and she will see if this format is viable.  If not everything will be organised by email somehow.  The meeting will be used to elect all the district officers for 2021 and to disseminate 3 items from the KCACR General Committee.  If the meeting is held via Zoom it should take less than one hour.


Secondly, it has been suggested that in place of the meeting this month next Saturday 19th September 2020 at Mersham 10.30am we hold an online meeting in Ringing Room.  Some of you may have been using this virtual ringing platform during lockdown.  If you are interested in doing this you will need to sign up for a Ringing Room account and be able to use Zoom.  If you are interested please email David Robinson ( ), District Ringing Master, by this coming Wednesday 16th September.  He will then decide whether this event can go ahead and if so we will make the necessary arrangements.