Augmentation at Monkton

Following acceptance by the PCC at Monkton of the offer of a bell from the Keltek Trust on 23rd January, the project to augment them to 6 is now going…

BRF Update – October 2016

Below is an update from Brian Butcher with regards to projects/work that has been completed or is ongoing as at October 2016: Aylesham Inspection of a single unsafe bell requested.…

BRF Report to August 2015

Brian Butcher has provided a report of all the BRF work that has been completed, looked at or requested since the previous report right up until the end of August…

Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015

Brian has recently received an updated list of works that do and don’t require a faculty.  This list can be downloaded from here.

BRF Report 2013

There was quite a lot of activity in the past year as the list shows. One big change on the financial front is the reinstatement of VAT relief on bell…