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Below is an update from Brian Butcher with regards to projects/work that has been completed or is ongoing as at October 2016:

Aylesham Inspection of a single unsafe bell requested. (DAC)
Bobbing Correction of striking for number 2. The restoration of these bells is not going ahead and they have cancelled their grant. This is unfortunate as the fittings are not in a good state, particularly the wheels.
Boughton Monchelsea The 5th headstock  has been repaired and replaced.
Boxley All ground pulleys replaced.
Broomfield All six bells are now installed but there are problems with the clappering which Taylors are being rather slow with remedial works. The 5 bells were dedicated on 30th August 2015.
Canterbury, Former St Alphege Kings school are keen to get something done to the bells here such that ringing can be re-introduced to the curriculum. A site meeting has taken place and a number of options have been offered to Kings for their consideration. We await the outcome of a recent meeting.

There has been no further progress here.

Chartham Frame tightened and treble wheel fixed.
Chilham Inspection of cracked tenor. The bell has cracked on or near the position of the previous weld. Soundweld advise that they could weld again but the bell appears to have a high tin content making it brittle and it also posed welding problems and so advise recasting might be a better option in this case. The bell is currently still being rung.
Faversham Site visit to discuss possible refurbishment. Funding possibly from Viridor. Plans for a new installation may run into problems with retaining the old frame. Site meeting with English Heritage arranged.
Frittenden Maintenance.
Great Chart Tenor pulley investigated/refixed.
Higham Now in action.
The KCACR Mobile Ring Designs costings etc ongoing.
Lower Halstow Replace treble clapper and report (DAC).
Lympne Installation of additional framework and 2 trebles now complete.
Lydd Second hand slider supplied.
Margate, Shopping Arcade These bells were sold.
Murston These bells have now been removed and are the property of the association subject to Strood or another tower paying the removal costs. They are in store at Taylors free of charge but we may need to check the insurance situation. The VAT on the scaffolding was reclaimed, so the total cost was £3430, somewhat less than the original estimate of £5000. The Strood project is cancelled and so consideration can be given for the Murston bells to go elsewhere.
Newington next Hythe Splice 5th rope and lighting repairs.
Penshurst Site visit re proposed works.
Snargate There is interest in work here as a memorial to the deceased landlord and landlady of the Red Lion across the road from the church.
St Peter in Thanet It was hoped to ring the bells in their existing format for Christmas but the tower work was behind schedule so did not happen. The work on the bells should be complete by the time the tower is finished.  Work on the tower now completed. A new double rope guide has been installed. The rope circle has been improved by swapping the treble and second bells. All ropes now drop vertically from each bell. New ground pulleys have been fitted.  The clappers have been rebushed. Runner boards have been refurbished. Work by Taylors with KCACR assistance. Work to the tower cost some £250000 as part of a £1.200,000 project.  The bell work was finished in August but they are out of action again due to works to the West window.
Thanington Improvements and repairs by Whitechapel with local assistance          complete.
Tunbridge Wells Inspection and repair of the single bell. DAC.
Ulcombe, King Charles the Martyr Inspection and report.
Westbere Replace ropes.
Wrotham Bells back in operation with some small adjustments ongoing.