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We have been organising quarters on twelve bells at Benenden for many years, on the third Friday of each month, meeting at 7.30 p.m.  Stedman Cinques is perhaps the most frequently rung, but we have also rung Erin, Grandsire, Little Bob Maximus, and Yorkshire and Cambridge Maximus, very occasionally rising to Newgate (which is about the simplest Maximus extension of London Royal No.3).

As organiser, I’m very aware that I don’t know everyone within range who is capable of, or interested in, ringing in such quarters on twelve; and would very much like to hear from anyone who is capable of, and interested in, ringing in any of these monthly quarters, both those already experienced on twelve and those aspiring to extend their method ringing to the higher numbers – as a rough rule of thumb, you should have rung at least a quarter of Stedman Caters inside, and be confident at it. The aim of these quarters, is definitely to “bring on” such ringers into ringing and striking confidently on twelve bells; to achieve this, it is important that they should ring with an experienced and competent band around them, so the number of those with little or no previous experience on twelve, that we can sensibly include in any one quarter, is of course therefore very limited. None the less, we have “brought on” a not insignificant number of ringers in this way and intend to continue doing so, with the continuing loyal support of a number of “regulars” at these attempts. It is however always a struggle to find a sufficient number of experienced ringers of methods on twelve, for each monthly attempt, and I would very much welcome the interest and participation of any such experienced ringers who may be available, even if only occasionally. If interested in standing in any of these third-Friday quarters, please email Rod Lebon () with some idea of your ringing experience (or phone 01580-240083), and we will see if we can fit you in.

For any District, group or individual, who would like to organise your own higher-numbers practice, quarter or peal at any other time, Benenden bells are generally very available (sound control shutters are fitted) and an easy to ring and well tuned twelve (tenor 18cwt.); there’s also a flat sixth bell to give an easy light eight, as well as a simulator running the highly realistic Virtual Belfry software, accessible at (almost!) any time.

Rod Lebon