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Our young handbell ringers have been super busy over the last 8 days and  made terrific progress. Daniel Jarvis rang in peals of P B Royal, Superlative S Major (first blows in the method on handbells), Kent Treble Bob Royal, 7 Minor methods (most methods in hand) and called a peal of P B Minor. Amber Cusick rang in the peals of P B Royal (first peal on 10) and 7 Minor (most methods) and called her first quarter peal on handbells: P B Minor. (Dan also rang in this). Callum Clark rang his third handbell quarter peal of P B Minor on Monday 24th and then rang his first handbell peal on Friday 28th August, both called by Dan Jarvis. Adam Moore and Barnaby Larter joined in the fun with 2 quarter peals of Minimus: 1 of Malcolm Treble Bob Minimus and 1 of 14 Minimus methods(most for both). Adam also rang in the peal of P B Minor for Callum. and then called his first quarter of  P B Minor (with Barnaby and Stuart Palin).  Tom Hinks has been mentoring Dan and Amber throughout the summer and Dan has moved Callum meteorically through Plain Hunt, plain courses and touches of P B Minor, three quarter peals and one peal in the last two weeks. Thanks also to Emma Jarvis for enabling quarter peals with Callum.  Many congratulations to all. See Ringing World Bellboard for all details.