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I just wanted to clarify exactly how the Handbook process will run this year, and provide some deadlines that will need to be adhered to in order for information to be up-to-date in the 2019 Handbook:

1. Updating tower details (practice nights, contact details etc.)
Every District Secretary and Tower Contact should have received instructions on how to login to the website and make these updates.  If your tower hasn’t received these instructions, please contact your District Secretary.  Deadline for updates for 2019 Handbook: 25th February.

2. Tower membership updates
When updating tower details as above, you can also check to see who is listed as a current member at your tower.  You cannot update this list.  If there are members that need to be remove or changes that need to be made, you should include these when sending in your towers’ subscriptions for 2019.  The membership database will then be updated by your District Treasurer/Secretary/Membership Secretary and will be reflected in the 2019 Handbook.  Deadline for subscriptions/membership database updates: 25th February.

3. Announcements (Births/Deaths/Marriages/Engagements/Anniversaries) and Obituaries
These should be emailed directly to the Handbook Editor at .  Deadline for receipt by the Handbook Editor: 18th March.

Finally, as you should be aware, anyone that would like a hard copy of the 2019 Handbook needs to request one.  This can either be done by individuals or on behalf of a tower.  They can be requested at Each member is entitled to 1 free copy, any further copies must be paid for and can be pre-ordered from the same page.  Deadline for requests for hard copies of the 2019 Handbook: 25th March.

All towers will automatically receive 1 copy for the tower – this doesn’t have to be requested.

If there are any questions, please do get in touch with me directly –

Doug Davis
Handbook Editor