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Highlights from the General Committee meeting held on 22nd April are as follows:

  • A couple of figures were incorrect on the 2016 accounts in the handbook, but these don’t affect the totals which are correct.  The accounts are now with the auditor, Aaron Jacobs.  The Treasurer is also going to consider whether it is worth moving to CAF Bank instead of Natwest.
  • A plan around a recruitment campaign for Armistice Day 2017 will start being worked on by PR & Training with additional help.
  • The 2017 Handbook can now be purchased via the website, and existing members with their own hard copy can access an online version using the code printed inside the front cover.
  • Kent Young Ringers continue to be active, and all information about the RWNYC has now been received.
  • As we currently don’t have a Handbook Editor, it was decided that we will look to move away from automatically printing a copy for every member and make most of the information available online for members.  A printed copy will be provided for every tower, and anyone wanting a printed copy will be able to place an order to be collected at the AGM as normal.  The Secretary is investigating what the minimum print run would be and how much this would cost.
  • The County 8-bell Striking Competition 2017 will be held on Saturday 24th June, 9.45am draw, at Shoreham in the Lewisham District.  Touch is a plain course of Yorkshire S Major.
  • The County 6-bell Striking Competition 2017 will be held on Saturday 23rd September, 9.45am draw, in the Maidstone District
  • The General Committee meetings for 2017 will be held on 26th August and 25th November