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These learning hubs are aimed at ART M1 trained teachers, mentors and those learning to ring.

If any teacher/mentor doesn’t have any learners, they are welcome to hone their teaching/mentoring skills by booking into any of the hubs below.  These hubs, at the M1 level, focus on basic handling skills, bell control and steps into rounds in a supportive, small group co‑teaching environment.  Subject to the skills of the teachers, hub sessions can be adapted to the needs and progress of those attending.  Hubs aim always to give each learner plenty of time on a bell, with teachers giving well-explained and demonstrated exercises to improve the learner’s bell-control & understanding in ringing.  More hubs can be added subject to demand.

Attendance is by prior request to the host tower.  Please check availability first!

NOTE that if no bookings are received by the host, the hub(s) will not be run.

The dates for April-June 2024 are shown below:

Day Date Tower Time Host & Keys
Saturday 25th May
29th June
Harrietsham, St John the Baptist ME17 1BA 10:30-Noon Graham Cuthbert

07843 287704

Monday 8th April
22nd April
6th May
20th May
3rd June
17th June
Milton Regis, Holy Trinity ME10 2HA 7:30-9:00pm Steve Fitton

07947 457406

Friday 12th April
10th May
24th May
7th June
21st June
Lamberhurst, St Mary TN3 8DU 10:30-Noon Sue Bassett

07749 688340

Wednesday 10th April
24th April
8th May
22nd May
5th June
19th June
Staplehurst, All Saints TN12 0AY 10:30-Noon Sue Bassett

07749 688340


As learners progress, they will need ongoing teaching, support and encouragement to learn call changes and plain hunt.  Teachers/mentors wishing to undertake the ART M2 level courses – M2F from Rounds to Plain Hunt and M2C from Plain Hunt to Methods, please book onto one of the ART Courses at ART Events – Home (  If there’s nothing suitable there for you, courses in Kent can be arranged, subject to ART tutor and host tower/organiser availability.

Contact Sue Bassett if you need help organising an ART course to suit yourself.