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Young Ringers Report 2019 for Handbook 2020

RWNYC Liverpool:

Winning the RW Editor’s Trophy for Excellence was without doubt the high spot of 2019 for Kent Young Ringers. After practices fitted in around GCSE and “A” Level exams we enjoyed a fantastic weekend in Liverpool and the Kent Team was placed 2nd overall (24 teams) and first in  our Call Change category(19 teams).

Kent were the hosts at Horton Kirby to the South East England Contest in April. Teams from 6 counties participated and Sussex won again  by a narrow margin. Youngsters were entertained (when not ringing)  by Martin Hooker’s Mini Ring, handbells brought along by Liz Barnes and a Quiz set in and around the church and village.

Our own KCACR Inter District Young Ringers’ Striking Contest was held  at Sturry in November. The judge (Daniel Jarvis, home from university) commented on the high standard of striking by the 5 teams who entered. The Tonbridge District were the winners of the Trophy.

Our Overnight Trip this year based at Burley Youth Hostel in The New Forest where plenty of horses vied with handbells for our attention. We also crossed the water to Southampton to the accompaniment of a Quarter Peal of P B Minimus (15 other handbell quarter peals were rung and one Tower Quarter Peal of Cambridge S Minor at Brockenhurst).

Our usual monthly sessions for Kent Young Ringers have continued at Aylesford, Hollingbourne, Marden and Staplehurst and we have enjoyed outings during school holidays to towers in the Ashford and Lewisham Districts. Phil and Liz Barnes hosted our Summer Barbecue, so we could try out yet another Mini Ring!  A few weeks later we were treated to another BBQ, this time at Quex, where we rang 4 quarter peals to help boost the total for the 200th Anniversary celebrations.

This year we have also launched a programme for Kent MINI-Ringers, aimed primarily at youngsters aged 8 – 12 years. These 2-hour morning sessions are based at East Farleigh and Frittenden with helpers from the Young Ringers with adults supervising the MINIs. So far 12 younger ones have come along and 13 of the Young Ringers have acted as helpers, some more experienced and some to consolidate their own ringing.

A total of 55 have attended at least one session with Kent Young Ringers, MINI-Ringers or participated in the Inter-District Contest.

Training: A number of Young Ringers have taken great strides in conducting; we held a workshop on conducting skills in October and the results have been noticeable in the Quarter Peal lists on Bellboard.

10 Young Ringers also attended the ART level  1 “ Training to Teach” workshops.

Peals and Quarter Peals 2019: Please see Bellboard for full details and footnotes, including any number of “firsts” of which there are many. Kent Youngsters rang in 589 Quarter Peals and 106 Peals within Kent and further afield in 2019.  Of these 1 peal and 20 quarter peals (tower bells) were rung exclusively by Young Ringers. (These are attributed on RW Bellboard to “The Society of Kent Young Ringers”)

Amber, Anna, Laura, Lucy, Stephanie and Tess were delighted to ring a “girls only” Quarter peal of Plain Bob Doubles, called jointly by Amber and Laura!

Special mention must go to Laura Byrne with at least 13 firsts, including calling Cambridge  S Minor and ringing  7-spliced S Major. Daniel Jarvis rang 8-spliced, Cambridge S Maximus and called his first of Bristol S Major. Daniel called 41 QPs and 14 peals in 2019. Jamie Austin called 10 QPs , including Cambridge S Minor, P B Major and Yorkshire S Major (amongst others.)

Ellis Baker (aged 9), Callum Clark, Anna Hargrave, Lucy Hargrave, Tess Hargrave  and Olivia Parsons all rang their first Quarter PealLaura Byrne, Sam Chard and Amber Cusick all called their first Quarter PealLaura Byrne, Sam Chard, Lucy Harvey and Ellen Jones rang their first Peal. Barnaby Larter and Adam Moore called their first Peal.

Amber Cusick rang her first Quarter Peal on  Handbells: P B Minor. Daniel Jarvis rang 2 Handbell Peals: P B Major  Kent T B Major.  Barnaby Larter rang his first peal of P B Major on Handbells.

30 Handbell Quarter Peals were rung by KYR youngsters in various locations in Kent and beyond!

Looking forward to this fabulous group of Young Ringers attaining the challenges 2020 has in store.  Very many thanks to everyone who supports and enables them to advance in their ringing.

Jennifer Thomas KCACR Youth Officer