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It’s that time of year again when the KCACR subs become due. They remain the same at £7.50 for under 18’s, £15 for 18-80 and free for 80+. However, the way that they will be collected is different this year.

Your tower secretary or contact has now been sent details of the login details for the database which they should be forwarding on. Please login and update your details. You can then make an online payment. The easiest way is via paypal but if not a bank transfer can be done.

Group payments can still be made. There is a link on the membership page for Bulk Membership Renewals.

If anyone has a real problem with making an online payment then I can still accept payment via cash or cheque if it comes to it.

I forgot to put in my email to tower secretaries that life members and those over 80 still need to log in and go through the renewal process even though they don’t need to pay anything. This just confirms that they still wish to remain members.

It should be fairly self explanatory but a help guide can be found below.

Any problems then please let me know.

KCACR Membership Database - Initial setup v2