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Through the sales of the 2014 Ringing World calendar produced in conjunction with the Association, a profit of around £1,200 was made and held in an account which is now named the ‘Training Fund’.  Also, at the KCACR AGM in April 2015, a proposal was made by the Treasurer to split members’ subscriptions 3 ways – 50% to the General Fund, 25% to the Bell Restoration Fund and 25% to the new Training Fund – and this was agreed by all those present.

Over the past 6 or so months, the General Committee have been working on a set of guidelines that describe how the new Training Fund can be used – and these were finally agreed at the recent meeting on 28th November 2015.  The latest version of the guidelines can be downloaded from the link below:

KCACR Training Fund Guidelines – Revision 1.2, 23rd April 2016

If you would like to apply for money from the Training Fund, please either write to or email the Training Officer.