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Fab afternoon at Hollingbourne: 17 Young Ringers…great to see new faces, Millie and Charlie (Amelia’s first “non-contest” afternoon?). Some great stretching by our youngest ringers. Sausage rolls (thank you, Katie!) and cakes in the sunny churchyard, along with a frantic game of “tag Ben!”. Great to see KYR traditions being really revived after the restrictions of the last two years…. and 2 handbell QPs of P B Minimus were scored in churchyard at Hollingbourne and in the church at Tunstall with Jamie and Adam keeping Dan and Barnaby’s legacy alive….. ringing the first QPs on our lovely KYR handbells. Then some focussed team work led by a squeaky Ellen at Tunstall in preparation for SEECON at Wriggle, Essex next Sat 2nd April. Those who could stay finished the afternoon with refreshments at a local history …well done everyone!