Read more…"/> KYR Trip to Surrey & Sussex 12-13th April 2018 – Kent County Association of Change Ringers

The highlight of the year so far has to be the April Outing to Surrey and Sussex!!!

12 intrepid youngsters and 4 foolhardy adults roved a couple of hundred miles of highways and byways for ringing and fun! There was also some serious practice on the Friday for the South East England Youth Striking Contest(SEECON).

Ringing on Thursday 12th April was at Eynsford (after starting with breakfast at the Toby Carvery, Gravesend, of course!!), followed by  Godstone, Buckland, Betchworth and Newdigate.  Newdigate  provided the venue for a quarter peal on tower bells and we were treated to lovely tea and cakes by the very welcoming local ringers. Dan was delighted with the recent Jarvis family purchase of a set of handbells , so handbell quarters of various Minimus methods became the focus for him and Barnaby Larter. The first quarter was rung in my car between breakfast and Eynsford and then the handbell saga had a life of its own!!! A total of 14 were rung over the three days, varying in speed between 24 and 19 minutes. Please see Bellboard for all locations and methods. Take special note of the footnotes for a laugh!

Ringing on Friday 13th April was at Cranleigh, Ewhurst(the first ringing on their new ropes and in their refurbished ringing room),Rudgwick, Warnham and Lower Beeding. Ringing both days encompassed the usual range; particularly enjoyable was the Caters ringing at Warnham, where everyone rang Plain Hunt 9, and most people had the chance to ring beyond their normal level of ability. The “interesting” bells at Lower Beeding  ( a 10cwt 8 in G + a sharp 5th) were the perfect antidote to a day of serious practice for our Kent team …and we rang all 9! (A quarter peal attempt of P B Triples never really got off the ground, a couple of youngsters were probably just too tired by then).

The accommodation and food for our 2 nights at Holmbury St Mary Youth Hostel in the Surrey Hills was excellent, and to be recommended. Evening entertainment included Hide & Seek in the grounds, various board and card games, a peal of Minimus on Handbells, also some Plain Hunt 6 and courses of P B Minor and Ben Legg’s infamous “saucepan” game in which you had to describe a well-known person or fictional character to the rest of your team without saying the name. For some reason Phil Larter (Barnaby’s dad)has become the person most well-known to Kent Young Ringers!!!!!!(Sorry, you had to be there!!) Internet and mobile phone coverage was distinctly lacking within the grounds of the Youth Hostel, which had its up as well as downsides.

Lots of photos are on the KYR Facebook page!

All the 12 youngsters who were with us for this residential outing were a total delight, a credit to their families and the Association.   Would we repeat the experience??? …..YES!!!!!!