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Dear All,

The District Committee met virtually on Wednesday night to discuss various issues, including whether to hold a quarterly meeting ahead of the Kent County AGM and the possibile resumption of district practices to be held using Ringing Room, alongside a Zoom session.

We felt that with little to discuss right now, a quarterly meeting was not really necessary but we did agree that we should hold our Annual District Meeting in October as planned, by whatever method is possible by then.

We also agreed to consider holding a district practice incorporating the 120 club draw, potentially on Sat 4th July which was a date set aside for a DP anyway. However, we need to know how many might attend in order to plan, so could I ask you to drop me a short email to let me know if you would be interested in attending a Ringing Room district practice.

If this practice is viable, more details will be provided in due course, along with some information about Ringing Room for anyone who is unfamiliar with using this online resource.

Kind Regards