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Hi all,
Thank you for joining our training session this morning, I hope you found it helpful. A recording of the session can be found at:
The links I mentioned are below: – really helpful book by Simon Linford – excellent talk about judging by Katie Town – my article about the judging of the National 12-bell.
Liz Orme and Catriona Shearer’s articles about the 12-bell were published in November/December 2018. The first one was in RW no.5613 I think. Simon Linford’s articles summarising Liz’s findings were published last summer, and the first one was in RW no.5638.
‘Not the twelve bell live’ is on this afternoon from 1pm-4pm and can be found at:
Next week’s talk will be on ‘How to organise your own quarter peal (or peal)’. We’ll talk about lots of different aspects of arranging ringing, including choosing a tower, deciding on a method and inviting a band. This fits in with one of the Central Council’s ‘strategic priorities’ which is that no ringer should hit a barrier to their own progression – I think being able to arrange your own ringing opportunities is a useful part of this. To sign up, simply send me an email.
Thanks, and all the best,