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Sarah Button is the Assistant Stage Manager to The Marlowe Theatre’s upcoming production of ‘Return of The Unknown’ which is a production to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice and will be held at Dover Marine Station from 8th-11th November. She needs to borrow 4 x Town Criers/School bells for the performances. She would like to involve our local association that has not only journeyed through the First World War, but also actively pays tribute to those bell ringers that fought for our country. She considers that using these bells (rather than something found on eBay) would give an extra depth to the history being explored and would be a great addition to the story.

The hand bells would only be accessible to the stage management team and the 4 actors handling them during the performance. They would otherwise be well cared for (and insured by The Marlowe if anything were to happen to them).

Sarah is available to meet for a chat in either Ashford or Canterbury should you want to discuss this in person. Otherwise, please do pop an email back to or call her on 07944 535 286.