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On the bright sunny Saturday afternoon of 24 September 2005 the six Districts were represented at Bearsted for the 6 bell striking competition. The judge, David Baverstock, who rings in the City of London, assisted in ringing up the bells and then calling a 120 of Grandsire Doubles in order to assess the difficulty of the bells.

The draw took place and the three Districts who were at that point in time with full teams started the ringing. The other three Districts gradually arrived. Maidstone District kept everyone supplied with cups of tea and ample food, ensuring that sufficient was retained for the judge and the county Chairman who was busy stewarding in the tower.

After the ringing had concluded and the judge had made his decision the results were given. The general comments were that the bells were odd struck in that the 2 was slow at hand and the 4 slow at back and for those ringing Bob Doubles the tenor was difficult when the four blows behind were struck. Most teams took the whole of their practice session to settle and also part of their selected test piece. Remarks on the individual teams showed that the speed of ringing varied from a peal speed of 2 hours 41 minutes to 3 hours 10 minutes. Those who rang too fast struggled to maintain consistency but likewise those who rang too slowly found the tenor was trying to ring faster than the treble!

The results were finally given in the usual reverse order but Rochester District were judged the outright winners and were presented with the Trophy. Certificates were handed to all teams. The Chairman, Eric Roughley, thanked David Baverstock for coming to judge and the ladies of Maidstone District and the local ringers for arranging the tea.


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