Read more…"/> Mini ring at Kent County Show July 10/11/12 – helpers needed! – Kent County Association of Change Ringers

The Kent County Show provides a great opportunity for the public to understand a little more about bell ringing, and hopefully sparks some interest to explore further.  On July 10th/11th/12th Steve Fitton is organising a mini ring for the three days of the fair, and needs volunteers to help demonstrate throughout the day.  The benefits are that you get a free pass to the show, as well as helping to spread the bell ringing bug to others – hence providing them with the potential for a great new hobby and social life!

The downside (possibly) is that Steve ideally needs people who can come for more than one day, as the show organisers are not keen on giving out too many passes.  Each day we’ll need a team of 8 for the 6 bells – so 2 can have a break to see the show, on a rotational basis.  If you feel you could commit to this, please contact Steve at or on 07947 457406.  If you can commit to something less, please also let him know so that he has a back-up plan should it come to it.

We look forward to your support!