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Over the last few months, I have been posting a monthly piece called ‘Words from the Chair’ on the KCACR and District Facebook pages. It was pointed out that not all members can access this so I was asked to post it here too. Below is my latest offering.

Words from the chair

As October draws to a close and the District ADMs are all completed, District committees begin to look to next year and how they can benefit ringers at all levels. However, as an Association, there may be some events which would really benefit ringers in the whole Association rather than just a District. It is useful to know how the Association could help and this can be done through the District Representative.

Every District has a representative on the General Committee and I do hope that members not only know who their District Representative is (especially as this may have changed after the District ADM) but also what their role is.

The Association rules require that each District elects a secretary and a District Representative at each Annual District Meeting, any other post is at the District’s discretion. The role of the District Representative is to convey information from committee meeting to the District at relevant District meetings (normally the quarterly business meeting) but, more importantly, to bring concerns of the District to the General Committee.

If you have a concern, query or suggestion for the General Committee then the District Representative is your way of bringing it to our attention. We have around 1200 members in the Association and each District is made up by these members (and that includes you!).

I think that most members do not really involve themselves much with the Association other than paying an annual subscription at the end of each year but I hope that we can make the Association more useful to its membership. Although there are some very active members around the county who are certainly trying hard to promote ringing in their local area, I would really like to know what we could offer to help develop ringing further in Kent. Our next General Committee meeting as at the end of November so please to get in touch with your District Representative before then if you have any suggestions.

One example of where the Association is able to help its members is through the work that we are doing with our young ringers. I was able to join the Kent Young Ringers and Kent Mini-Ringers practices in October. It was very encouraging to see the progress that these ringers have made since I last saw them. If you have any young ringers at your tower or know of any in local towers, please do put them in touch with Jen Thomas, our Youth Officer. Some young ringers may find it encouraging to discover that there are similar aged  ringers around. It can be difficult being the only youngster in a tower.

Regrettably, the intended 6-bell competitions did not take place. It had been moved due to the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II and unfortunately there were not enough bands to make the rescheduled competitions viable. The General Committee will be discussing these competitions at the next meeting and we will report on the outcome in due course.

As we enter November and a period of reflection and remembrance in the Church calendar, just a reminder that everybody is welcome to come along to join in the KCACR Ringers’ Evensong at Rochester Cathedral on Sunday 6th November. The service starts at 3:15pm and during the service we will remember those members who have passed away during the last year.

There is ringing by an invited band prior to the service but it will be possible to ring after the service. The Cathedral have requested that the ringing is restricted to KCACR members only and proof of membership will be required. For most, the handbook will confirm this membership but if you have joined the Association this year then please print off a membership card from the membership section of the KCACR website.

Neil Jones

KCACR Chairman

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