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Young Ringers all over Kent made a significant contribution to the ringing for the coronation of King Charles III.

I am trying to do an audit of all those youngsters aged 6 -24 who rang. So far I know of approximately 85-90 with the largest number in the 6-12 years age group.  That is really great👏👏

I would be very grateful if tower captains could please confirm to me how many in each age group rang in their tower: 6-12 yrs, 13-18 yrs and 19-24 yrs.  Please include any recent recruits who may have rung with assistance or even  backstrokes only. Could you also let me know of anyone who rang, or called,  a quarter peal or peal, or any othrr particular achievement. This will give us a good overall picture of the coronation ringing.

Please email: or send me a message via text, Messenger or WhatsApp: 07908413868

Many thanks

Jen Thomas

(Photo is of 6 of the 14 young ringers at Seal Chart who rang over the weekend. 7 rang rounds and call changes totally unassisted)