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This is a long message from Libby Alexander of Ringing for England, but please read through it – she has asked specific questions and has requested feedback. Her e-mail address is:

If you would prefer to respond anonymously, then feel free to e-mail me () by 31st May 2015, stating that you do not want to be named, and I will collate and return the responses to her – but I will state that they are from members of the KCACR.

Message from Libby:

“First of all I so wish to thank all your ringers who made such a terrific effort, mid week, to ring out helping the country celebrate its national day. And so ends another year of the Campaign, the 5th, which has seen a terrific increase in interest not only within your ringing community but, even more exciting, outsiders who all think the idea of our lovely churches ringing out to celebrate our St. George’s Day a true and fitting way.

“In spite of making every effort each year it was the first time I have managed to engage with national media and whilst the BBC’s The ONE Show might not have had quite the dignity I had hoped for, nor followed the format that I had been led to believe at least it featured the ringing. Giving publicity to ringing is an important aspect of the Campaign as I am constantly hearing from towers that they do not have enough ringers to go around and are worried about the future.

“May I take this opportunity to make a request. Would you be so kind as to contact all your ringers to ask them for feed back regarding the Campaign. If they could bear in mind that it is run entirely by myself at my expense which is why there are no certificates produced etc. I am also very conscious that you were not ‘asked’ if you wanted a Campaign for St. George’s Day. However in the very beginning I approached The Ringing World and asked a few ringers and they thought it an excellent idea and so proceeded. Neither have I been contacted by a single ringer to say that they do NOT want the Campaign.

“To give weight to the continuation comes from the Deans of the Cathedrals who have all been incredible supporters from the beginning. The questions are:

“Do they wish the Campaign to proceed?

“Do they wish for me to continue to run it?

“If not, who do they wish to run it and how will that be financed?

“I am unable to engage with the media successfully if no one engages with me. Sadly I have come across regular ringers who have never heard of the Campaign and are much aggrieved at not being kept informed by secretaries.

“The future of the Campaign holds a possible inclusion of English Heritage, Hand Bell Associations, Town Cryers, and the English Food & Drinks Industry.

“By widening the participants, always aware of the importance of a ‘Ringing’ theme, would in turn widen the audience and perhaps bring in new ringers.

“Would the ringers be willing for this to happen?

“Do any of the ringers have opinions on how they would like the Campaign to progress?

“There is no doubt I am open to suggestions and look forward very much to hearing your views.”

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