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The Rochester District ADM is coming up on 21st October, and as always we need to elect District Officers for the coming year.  All roles open to nominations, however this year we will be looking for the following where people are standing down:

  • 2 x Ringing Masters

The main role of a ringing master is to help organise & run the ringing at District events throughout the year, plus organise training events as needs arise (usually 2-4 times a year).  If you are interested or know someone who may be, please put names forward ahead of the ADM if you can or nominations can also be accepted from the floor on the day.

In addition to the Ringing Masters:

  • The Treasurer is also standing down this year after having provided fair warning for the past few years!  At the moment the District Committee feels there is no longer a need to have the role of Treasurer within the District – we don’t hold any funds, and any monies due to be paid into the Association can go directly to the County Treasurer or via the District Secretary.  As such unless there are any major objections to this decision, we will not be looking to elect a Treasurer for the District going forward.
  • As a result of reduced traffic to the District website, as well as continued lack of use for news stories, the Webmaster has decided that the District website will be decommissioned in the near future.  The Association website is perfectly suitable for District news and events to be published on, and this is where the focus will be from now on.  Any relevant content will be moved to the Association website or archived.  Again if there are any major objections please do make them known, but otherwise this will be the action taken at the ADM.

In general, it would be good to have some new blood on the District Committee as a number of us have been carrying out these roles for a number of years.  It would also be worthwhile people considering the possible implications of the proposals being put forward at the Association AGM in 2018 in that we may need to find a District Master in 2018 – is this something you may be interested in undertaking?

As always, any questions please just let me know.

Doug Davis
District Secretary