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Firsts Month

This year in the Rochester District we are holding a ‘Firsts Month’ from 20th April to 20th May. This timeline includes both the district striking competition at Bredgar, and the district practice at Swanscombe: good opportunities to score firsts!

The purpose of the month is both to encourage members to stretch themselves to try new things, and to celebrate firsts at every level, from first time ringing a bell unassisted, to participating in your first striking competition. If you are proud of it, we want to know about it.

Other examples of firsts could be: ringing for Sunday service, calling your first touch, ringing in your first method, calling your first call changes, organising your first tower tour etc. We will be setting up an event on BellBoard which can be used to record your firsts. Wouldn’t it be great if every ringing tower in the district was able to make a submission?

The district is happy to help with support, but please let us know sooner rather than later if this is required (please contact your district secretary).

Good luck!