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At the Rochester District Annual District Meeting there were requests for more training events.  Attendance at last year’s training events was extremely variable.  So, the Rochester District committee would like to find out what training you would like, so we have devised a quick survey.  We will arrange training events in response to your answers.  

The first part is a Training Needs Survey which asks what training courses your tower would be interested in.  We would appreciate it if you could coordinate a response from as many as possible of the home ringers at your tower.  Copies of the Training Needs Survey have been emailed to your tower contact.

The committee would also like to explore how you feel about training and district events.  The Training Attitudes Survey should be completed individually.  Your tower contact should be circulating this Training Attitudes Survey to you.  If you would like me to email you a copy of this, please let me know.  No identifying data is requested in this part of the survey.  If you email your responses in, these data will be separated from the email, extracted and compiled before analysis.  If you want to send an anonymous reply, you are welcome to print the form off and post it in or bring it to a district event.

Please send any questions and your responses to