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Another great day for the Kent Young Ringers in Birmingham on 1st July 2017.

Highlights of the day:

Breakfast at the Toby Carvery, Sheldon; it’s getting to be a tradition for us to start off with some food and get into the spirit of the day!

Tower grab at Sheldon; we had the tower to ourselves for almost half an hour, so could practice a bit.

The test piece at Yardley; rang our best yet and the best of the call change teams at Yardley I think, but sadly didn’t make it into the final. Isabel really crunched her head stepping into the ringing room, but recovered well after a few minutes’ rest.

Into Birmingham for the afternoon based at St Martin’s in the Bullring: handbells with Tom Hinks, the Charmborough Ring outside St Martin’s… a bit surreal hearing them at the same time as the 16 up in the tower.

Ringing on the 16….FANTASTIC…everyone had a ring.

Photos of the team in various activities on the Kent Young Ringers’ Facebook page