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Last Saturday, 8 younger members of the association represented the KCACR in the first South East of England Youth Striking Competition. Six teams took part, with our team being placed 2nd with a score of 70{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6}!

Congratulations to all those who took part, and thanks to Benjamin Legg and Jen Thomas for getting this organised. Now lets see how we can do in the RWNYC in July!

Position Team Score
1st Sussex CA 76{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6}
2nd Kent CA 70{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6}
3rd Essex CA 68{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6}
4th Hertfordshire CA 67{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6}
5th Guildford DG 65{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6}
6th Winchester & Portsmouth Guild 50{639658ef89bdc5de27b5eb53e049096238667aa7b20a9fe16a207da8f55b25c6}

secomp2016_1a  secomp2016_2a