Read more…"/> St Lawrence youngsters ring for Leavers’ Service 21/07/2023 – Kent County Association of Change Ringers

We are thrilled with the progress these youngsters have made. Today was Matthew’s last day at St Lawrence School, Sevenoaks. He and 5 of his friends from the year below him started off the ringing at 09.10. 5 of the 6 rang Rounds totally unassisted and one needed just a very little help. We then replaced her for just a few minutes with one of last year’s leavers: the rounds were beautiful. 6 youngsters from Yr 4 started learning this term and they each then took a turn in ringing rounds: one can ring unassisted and and the other 5 needed very little help. Queens was rung by request as the penultimate ring before the service with a final burst of rounds. We repeated this after the service, had a little break before a 20 minutes practice session for 3. We rounded off the morning with a quarter peal attempt for Matthew. He loves ringing the 5.5cwt tenor at Seal Chart, perched on his 3 or 4 boxes and rings it in rounds and has covered to some plain hunt, but never for more than 5 mins or so, and not for anything as exciting as a course of PB Doubles. So this was a big challenge,  but he is a very determined lad so we rounded up our lovely ringing teachers to give him the best chance. Sadly, just after starting the very last course he somehow managed to miss his rope and couldn’t quite retrieve control of the bell to get to the end. It had been a busy, tiring and emotional morning, so we are really looking forward to the next attempt! Very well done, Matthew!

Youngsters from years 4, 5 and 6 St Lawrence School


Young ringers from years 5 and 6 St Lawrence School, Sevenoaks who rang for the Leavers’ Service


Yes, I may need 3 boxes, but of course I can set that bell at backstroke!