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A reminder that there are just under 3 weeks left to get all the following information complete (deadline is 19th February):

  • Subscriptions – anyone that hasn’t paid or hasn’t been updated to confirm they are still active in the database by the above date won’t appear in the handbook
  • Tower updates – any tower that hasn’t made sure their handbook entry is accurate by the above date will show the information from 2022 in this coming year’s handbook
  • Births/deaths/marriages/anniversaries – if any of these from 2022 (or prior) are not sent in by the above date, they won’t appear in the handbook
  • Obituaries – any obituaries for those members that have passed away in the past year that are not received by the above date won’t appear in the handbook

I have to be strict on the date I’m afraid, as after this there are only 4 weeks left to get the handbook complied & ready to print.  If you or your tower need any help with the above, please reach out to your District Secretary.

Many thanks,
Doug, Handbook Editor