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Thank you so much to all who contributed to the £696.60 raised by the Tonbridge District for the KCACR during 2022/2023. Renewal invites have been sent to all shareholders. If you haven’t seen yours, please check your junk folder! Some information about the 120 Club follows for those who have recently joined the KCACR, or do not already know about it.

Most Districts, including the Tonbridge District, stage fund-raising activities on behalf of the KCACR to support the training and encouragement of new ringers and the maintenance and improvement of bells in Kent. (You can find out more about these activities in your handbook.) One such activity is the Tonbridge District 120 Club, which donates around £700 each year to the KCACR. The club is licensed to operate a lottery. Shares in the lottery are sold at £10 each and are entered into 10 prize draws each year. 45% of all share sales is awarded as prizes at draws, the remainder is donated to the KCACR.

If you don’t already do so, please consider buying a share in the Tonbridge District 120 Club for only £10. You can find more information on how the club operates and a share application form on the KCACR Tonbridge District 120 Club web page  Alternatively, contact me by email for an application form and a copy of the club rules.

Ray Taylor, Tonbridge District 120 Club Treasurer