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Saturday 23rd June saw the return of the annual Flower Festival and Tower Open Day at St. Margaret’s Church in Rainham.  The tower was open for a total of 4 hours during the day allowing visitors to climb to the ringing chamber, bell chamber and all the way up to the roof.  Those that made it to the top & back down again were presented with a certificate as proof they had done so!

As an addition to the tower being open the Trafford Mini Ring had been hired to allow visitors the chance to see ringing in action & to have a go themselves.  The majority of those that were brave enough to have a go were children, but a few parents and grandparents also took to the end of a rope and managed to control a bell after a fashion in just a few minutes.  A few demonstrations of ringing took place on the mini-ring during the day, a video clip of some of it is available on YouTube at the link below along with some photos too:

[EasyGallery id=’rainhamtraffordminiring’]

Video clip – YouTube

All in all it was a good, although very windy, day.  Many thanks to all who helped out both inside and outside of the tower, and to the Trafford Mini Ring & helpers.

If you are interested in hiring the Trafford Mini Ring for your event, details can be found by contacting Chris Trafford via the Chris Trafford Mini Ring Website.