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Learning the skills to control a tower bell can take a great deal of time and dedication by both learner and ringing teachers.  Ringing hubs can supplement the teaching time received in a local tower and give learners a wide experience of different bells and teaching methods, at the early stages of learning to ring.  Ringing hubs welcome any aspiring bell-ringer and aim to adapt the teaching towards the needs of the learner.  In addition, any KCACR member who wishes to learn how to teach, is also welcome to join a hub and gain experience from other teachers.  Most hubs will focus on teaching basic handling skills but as learners progress, the teaching moves forward into exercises in bell-control to support rounds, call changes and plain hunt.

The past quarter’s Ringing hubs have continued (mostly) on the dates previously advertised, although a number were cancelled due to receiving no requests from learners.  Other hubs were scaled and adapted to the needs of those attending.  Many learners have now progressed from basic handling skills onto rounds, call changes and plain hunt but new learners are always welcome at any time.  Whether a hub is busy with several teachers and learners, or just a simple one-to-one, hubs continue to be worthwhile and satisfactory sessions for all.

Mindful, however, of not “burning-out” the teachers and allowing us all time to enjoy a summer break, hubs will resume in September.  Any tower wishing to host a hub should contact me, Sue Bassett, KCACR Training Officer, as soon as possible, to be included in the next rota.  Hubs can be set up anywhere there is a need to teach new learners.  I am happy to assist with advice and/or practical assistance as necessary.  Learners should also contact me if they would like to attend a hub to increase their learning opportunities.

With a new cohort of M2 trained teachers, following the course at Rochester on 31st August, hubs will be more able to keep up with the demand of learners.  Teachers within the hubs will endeavour, as always, to cater for the basic and progressive learning needs of the learners with new and innovative teaching skills.  Any ringer who wishes to undertake an Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) training, book on a course as soon as possible at ART Events – Upcoming events (  KCACR Treasurer will even refund the £30 course fee to KCACR Members on application.

Please contact Sue Bassett, KCACR Training Officer  to discuss any training needs or queries that you may have about learning or teaching ringing.