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For anyone wishing to leave a sum of money to the Association in their will, a suitable clause to be added to a will is now available on the Wills & Legacies page.  The link to this has also been added to F.L.A.U.N.T on the right-hand side of the home page.

From time to time people, often ringers, would like to leave some money to the Association in their will.  This is obviously a wonderful thing to do, however it is important for the wording of such a desire to be correct so as to ensure there is no ambiguity.

Margaret Funnell, who works for a solicitor in Rochester, has provided the following clause which should be used when someone wants to leave money to the Association in their will:

I GIVE free of inheritance tax the sum of X pounds (£ X ) to THE KENT COUNTY ASSOCIATION OF CHANGE RINGERS BELL RESTORATION FUND (Registered Charity No. 261294) for their charitable purpose.

If you know of someone who is considering leaving a legacy to the Association, please do make them aware of the above wording.