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Please see the note below from Alison Hodge regarding the Worcestershire & Districts library:

“At the 2018 AGM of W&DCRA, the Librarian presented a paper about the contents and usage of the Library. It was agreed that a small working group should consider the paper and set out recommendations for the future of the Library. The working group met in July and their proposals were approved by the Association Central Committee in November. The key recommendations are that the Library stock should be reduced with the aim of narrowing the scope of the collection, making it of greater value and use to the Association and its members. The Library will include as complete records as possible of the Association, its Branches, local ringing and ringers, plus a very small focused collection of reference materials for use by members occasionally (eg when undertaking restoration projects). The Library will not retain or acquire books, periodicals etc pertaining generally to ringing, ringers, bells, etc outside the W&DCRA area, or materials for teaching and learning ringing, composing etc.

It was agreed that surplus contents of the Library will be sold. A “mini-auction” process will be used, with W&DCRA Members having priority, then other Guild / Association Libraries, then other collectors. The stock for sale will be listed on the W&DCRA website ( by the end of 2018.

The Librarian is willing to answer more detailed questions about the items.

Anyone interested in purchasing items should confirm with the Librarian () by noon 31st
January 2019 with the following information:

* Name and contact details
* Their affiliation and position (eg W&DCRA member branch and tower, Librarian of Guild / Association, private collector, commercial)
* Item(s) requested
* Price(s) offered (postage, packing etc will be arrange with purchasers and will be charged at cost)

All offers received by the closing date will be considered by the Librarian.

If more than one offer is received for the same item, then the Librarian will negotiate with those enquiring.

Proceeds will be paid into the W&DCRA Belfry Repairs Fund (Registered Charity No. 505098).

The Librarian reserves the right not to sell items for any reason. ”